After all this time…

During our time in Baja Sur, we have seen the hotel industry grow and evolve rapidly. We started out by merely offering a bed and a safe place to sleep and party, to becoming an entire lifestyle that brings people together as part of a widespread travel community. After living, travelling, breathing (and loving!) hosting for the pastContinue reading “After all this time…”

The reinvention of Señor Mañana

Our definition of Un-ness: Breaking away from the masses. Challenge. Freely used to release, exemplify, or intensify a force or quality. To engage, connect, and explore unique places, oneself, and with others on a most uncommon adventure. After twenty years of living here and being part of San José growth and evolution, we decided it wasContinue reading “The reinvention of Señor Mañana”

DESTINO Los Cabos Magazine

Señor Mañana has been a fixture of the San Jose del Cabo landscape for years, and the place and the people behind it are greeting 2021 feeling refreshed, renergized and with a renewed sense of purpouse. And a new name: Señor Mañana The UnHotel. They are creating a niche in the hospitality industry. Neither aContinue reading “DESTINO Los Cabos Magazine”