The reinvention of Señor Mañana

Our definition of Un-ness: Breaking away from the masses. Challenge. Freely used to release, exemplify, or intensify a force or quality. To engage, connect, and explore unique places, oneself, and with others on a most uncommon adventure.

After twenty years of living here and being part of San José growth and evolution, we decided it was time. The pandemic give us the pause and the feeling to started over. Is nothing that scares us (start over) We already done that with Odille in 2014 and again with Lidia in 2017. This 2020 was specially hard for us, the lock down, the loss, the grief, to find the focus on the important, to be grateful for the granted, because there is no granted. So we decided to focus on the gain instead of the loss.

The gain in 2020 is a new sense of purpouse, a new name and a new logo! We are intend to create a new niche in hospitality.

Neither a big hotel or a small hostel we are intend to be a down to earth place for travellers looking for a base in San José, a comfortable place, in a clean, private, secure and open ambient. With the basics; a comfy matress with nice and clean bed linen for a good rest, ensuite bathrooms, hot shower, space for cooking, chilling and working with a great WIFI speed. Our intention is to keep growing the travellers community and encourage the growth of human connections in the era of disconnetion and smart phones. Give more value to a mutual gain of sense and feeling with the others, empathy, share, wonder. We dont have TV and we wont have. Its simple, we dont need and extra device that cut our senses.

About the name:

As a conclusion of these times, we add the Un Hotel as a response, and basically because we are not a hostel, nor a hotel. We are one of a kind, a different place from what you can find on airbnb, or any other property/hotel listing. We are as personlized as we can. We are a simply place for people run by simple people. Lets start promoting that being a different kind of person, place or whatever is actually a very good thing! Is what makes us unique!

About the logo:

We can´t say anything without naming @Lucas Portela, he´s the mastermind behind Señor Mañana new logo. We met a few years ago and ended up becoming friends, and meeting at some points during our trips. Our kids are super friends with him aswell and our friendship deserves its own space into another post into the blog.
We have a beatiful African Tulip tree (actually a few trees, now) the beautiful orange flower was our sign, the one that identifies us from the other Señor Mañana right next door (another blog story). That big tree was peeking out from a window we let for him at the wall in the corner. It was a symbol and you could see it from the top of the street, or the arroyo -now Centenario blvd.- Nowadays there are more african tulips around in San José and we realize people did not have the flower in mind when thinking about señor mañana, and bringing on this renew idea… then lucas came with his amazing proposals for a brand new logo and philosophy (his specialty) and after a few messages, stories and approaches the Rooster was born. Lucas will tell his side of story in another post (at least is what I expect 😉

Historically the Rooster is been present in many cultures. It Represent faith and light, his morning sing is a triumph over darkness. Its a figure that define courage, worth and contestation. In a more intimate way, the rooster is related to the sun, the one in charge announcing a new day, a new beginning. It figure is also in the vane which are located on the top, and from there the rooster shows were the wind blows to the travellers and evokes the caretaker. In the antiquity Abraxas (a mythical deity) is represented by a rooster head and serpent legs, the good and the bad. Is that duality that represent the human being.

Its also the icon for REvolution. Lets revolutionaze the hospitality area together!

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