After all this time…

During our time in Baja Sur, we have seen the hotel industry grow and evolve rapidly. We started out by merely offering a bed and a safe place to sleep and party, to becoming an entire lifestyle that brings people together as part of a widespread travel community. After living, travelling, breathing (and loving!) hosting for the past years, we have made the following conclusions about travelling, and add The Un-Hotel in response:

1. The best way to meet new people is over a good meal and/or a few drinks.

We organize activities, to help you meet your fellow travellers. During your stay, this could include anything from nightly family dinners, grill nite, movie projection to local festivals and events or simply catching up at one of the fabulous bars, pubs, restaurants and art galleries in our neighborhood.

     2. The staff are a wealth of current, local information that can sometimes get lost in guide books or blogs.

We are ready to help you with anything from planning your day and renting a car to finding a dentist. Whether you want to pick our brains for recommendations or simply chill out and unwind over a couple beers on the hammocks, we’re available for you.

     3. There is no reason why you can’t have the comforts of home while living on the road.

Señor Mañana was designed to be as comfortable as possible. From the location to a equipped kitchen, to a cozy garden and the catwalks, it’s a place that you can look forward to coming home to at the end of each day.

Being part of the Digital Nomads community make us have a co working space and a nice wifi conection.

     4. Travelling is about so much more than just the places you see – it’s also about the people you meet and experiences you share with them.

In short, Señor Mañana is for travellers who love the unbeaten path. If that’s you, come stay with us and see why we’re so happy about it!

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