The Place

Your Journey Begins Here

Our definition of Un-ness: Breaking away from the masses. Challenge. Freely used to release, exemplify, or intensify a force or quality. To engage, connect, and explore unique places, oneself, and with others on a most uncommon adventure.

Stay green. Stay connected. Stay at Señor Mañana.

Times are changing and so we are. When travelling we like to feel relaxed, connect and make a positive impact. At Señor Mañana you can do just that. We like to bring people together, be responsible about the footprints we leave behind and make you feel right were you belong.

The Kitchen

Meet different people, cultures, traditions and food recipes, the kitchen is always a good begining. Feel free to store your goodies in the fridge and prepare your secret recipe to enjoy at the patio under the stars.

Tours and books

Our reception shop stocks basic items, cold drinks and a selection of snack food, arts, crafts, and jewelery. We provide free maps of the city, as well as brochures for tours and activities, we can lend you books or interchange them.

What People Say

A place for “travellers”


Hernan and his wife are really kind hearted, and are world travellers themselves; their place is set up with the simple pleasures that travellers love. It’s not ostentatious. There are hammocks set up amongst the palms/trees in the yard. Their sweet friendly cats roam free. There are tables, thatched roofed communal areas, pool table..books to peruse. An outdoor kitchen for those who want. The location is right in the artsy charming district of San Jose, walkable to the beach, where you pass the mega resorts that are swallowing up SJ. The inside of the rooms have a rustic painted stucco type feel. Beds, shelves etc built in….sort of organic.

Michelle James, USA

Palapas, Gardens & Patio

Plenty of communal space to get inspired, dream, meet, share & connect. This unique open areas gives you the choice to be of your own in a simple and safe way.

The Palapita

The Palapita Lounge is a cosy, relaxing place to chill out and meet other travellers.

We have a collection of books, board games, a piano, a guitar, a xylophone, plugs and a speaker to connect your phone/MP3 player. The atmosphere is ideal for a game of chess, reading or listening to music.

Kids Friendly Un Hotel

We are happy to say we are a place kid and family friendly! In case you travel with your little monsters dont hestiate to ask for whatever makes your stay or trip easier. Just a quick reminder that we are parents and now a bit about that.

The Grill

The grill is available for you, just let us know the day you want to use it and we can even give you some mezquite wood for free. (Make sure you have the fire under control, to turn it off and clean after).

Gardens & Patio

The Patio is where yoga, zumba, pilates or your daily exercise routine is held. During winter is the ideal site for a sunbath or just to have a meal. Is also the place for our movie nights.

Gardens are perfect for all, chilling in the hammocks while reading, playing with kids or watching the birds, is up to you!

Hanging goodies

Fruit is always hanging from the trees year round, feel free to grab some and eat! Dont forget to ask permission to the tree before.

The Palapa

In the powerful corner, resembles the prow of a boat. Is were we usually have our special jamming nights and big mettings/parties. During the day is a great spot for working or having a meal. Speaker, several tables, seats and plugs.

Digital Nomads are welcome

Free & fast wifi and plugs, everywhere!

Pet friendly Un Hotel

Yes, we are a friendly place for you travel buddy. Check our pet policy

Exclusive Offer for Bikers

Get a 20% Off in a room If you came biking

(biking means biking, no plane & biking) We need a pretty good story to let you camp. Bikers travelling on bikes can camp for free. We have a beautiful toilet and shower building for all our camping guests to use. It’s even eco friendly!!

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